Recipe: Caesar Salad

Feb 4, 2022

Recipe: Caesar Salad

This delicious low carb Caesar salad with chicken and bacon is made with a homemade Caesar salad dressing and homemade gluten free garlic croutons.


Course: Appetizer / Lunch

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes



•  4 tbsp homemade Caesar salad

• 1/2 tbsp salt

•  1/2 tsp pepper

•  1/2 head romaine lettuce

•  1 hard boiled egg



•  Microwave croutons for 90 seconds. Make the Caesar dressing.

•  Chop the romaine and cut the hard boiled eggs in half.

•  Add all of your salad ingredients into a large bowl, add Caesar dressing and toss.

•  It's now ready to serve with Concevoir 3g Daily Sachet for 90 Days!



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