PCOS Weight Gain: Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It?

PCOS, an uninvited guest in the body of 1 in 10 women worldwide, often brings along an often-unwelcome companion: weight gain. Ahead, we will arm you with valuable insights to understand the reasons behind the weight gain one encounters, as well as the “hows” of managing a healthy weight whilst navigating PCOS.

Ready to hit “refresh” on your PCOS journey and jumpstart that weight loss mission? Now’s your moment to flip the script on PCOS and embrace a healthier you, together.

pcos woman and weight gain

Why the Sudden Weight Gain with PCOS?

Before we leap into our action plan, let’s pull back the curtain on what’s really going on with PCOS and weight. Understanding the root causes is our first step to navigating PCOS with grace and knowledge.

Hormonal Havoc

PCOS loves to throw a curveball at our hormonal harmony, leading to insulin resistance (hello, extra pounds!) and an increase in androgens that seem to love the abdomen area a bit too much. It’s like a hormonal house party where the balance is all off, and we need to find ways to calm things down.

Emotional Eating

The emotional aspect is another layer of complexity to the puzzle of sudden weight gain. In fact, emotional eating, which many women with PCOS turn to in times of stress, plays a significant role in this.

To put it simply, the blend of emotional stress and hormonal fluctuations in PCOS supercharge cravings, and over time, what starts as occasional overeating ends up being a habitual pattern, resulting in excessive calorie consumption and, consequently, weight gain.

5 Ways for PCOS Women to Manage a Healthy Weight

From staying active to nourishing your body with PCOS-friendly food, read on to explore five effective strategies that are not only helping you to manage healthier weight but also laying the foundation for a healthier life as a whole.

Feast in Balanced Nutrition

View your plate as a treasure trove of wellness. Load up on PCOS-friendly eats like whole grains, lean proteins, and a rainbow of veggies. These goodies help keep insulin levels steady without sacrificing flavor or fun.

Embrace Mindful Munching

Now’s the perfect time to embrace mindful eating. Savor each bite, tune into your body’s cues, and find joy in nourishing yourself. Occasional treats? Absolutely! But let’s enjoy them without guilt.

pcos woman exercise to achieve healthy weight

Immerse in Active Living

Exercise is our secret weapon against PCOS weight gain. Mix it up with cardio, strength training, and yoga to keep things fresh. Consistent movement not only boosts insulin sensitivity but also elevates our mood and energy.

Prioritize Restorative Sleep

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. As we snooze, our bodies get busy regulating hormones, which plays a huge role in managing weight. Create a sleep haven and let rest be your secret superpower.

Cultivate Calm & Zen

Finding your zen through meditation, deep breathing, or simply laughing with friends can keep stress and its buddy cortisol (the snack attack hormone) in check. A calm mind leads to a balanced body.

Healthy Weight, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Remember, beautiful souls, consistency is our mantra for embracing a healthy lifestyle while navigating PCOS. Your body is a unique masterpiece, deserving of care, love, and respect. We believe these weight management gems will light the way on your journey.

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