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Caronositol Fertility®

A patented formula from Spain that helps support the hormonal
and metabolic balance for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and fertility issues.

made naturally with


From Carob Fruit
Regulates Irregular Periods, Reduce Excess Hair Growth and Acne

Helps to lower androgen levels that will contribute
in treating hyperandrogenism.


Reduces BMI

Aids in reducing BMI for PCOS people without any lifestyle adjustment. It works by improving the glands that make hormones parameters such as LH, LH/FSH and androstenedione.


Reverses Anovulation

Prompts the release of egg from ovary during the period with the increase in progesterone levels and endometrial thickening.


and also


From The Phytin Of Corn
Increases insulin sensitivity

Helps in reducing blood glucose level by decreasing insulin resistance and improving insulin sensitivity.


Restores Hormonal Balance

Helps to reduce testosterone levels, MI assist
in correcting hormonal imbalances.


Improves the menstrual cycle

Assists in bringing down the androgen levels (testosterone and androstenedione), increase the sex hormone-binding globulin (SBHG) that act to prevent testosterone from causing problems, hence restoring the menstrual cycle.


Beyond Conventional Paths: Our Journey to Caronositol Fertility®

While following the tried-and-tested path would be the go-to option for others, it wasn’t for us.

Effectiveness takes precedence over the norm.

And we’re glad the other path brought us to Caronositol Fertility® – a formula that has a higher DCI proportion (3.6:1) of Myo-Inositol (MI) to D-Chiro-Inositol (DCI) as compared to the suggested current dosage of (40:1).

While that might sound confusing, the higher DCI proportion in out formula helps in the following:
Restores Normal Ovulation

Reduces Excess Hair growth

Reduces Acne

Manages Weight Gain

And For Those
Trying to Conceive

Increases Pregnancy Rate

by 153%


Reduces the rate of Miscarriages

by 173%


Improves in live Birth Rate

by 272%

Consume Safely

Only A Sachet A Day

Noticeable Benefits Within 3 Months

No Side Effects Reported


Results and Comparison
from Clinical Studies


Clinical Insights & Research

Our confidence in Caronositol Fertility is backed by extensive trials and medical research confirming its effectiveness. 

These studies not only validate its potency in managing PCOS but also contribute to ongoing advancements in PCOS treatment, offering hope for a brighter future for women managing the condition. 

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