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Ain Shuhada

I got this because my period's been late for like five months and I know my menstrual cycle's irregular. Sekarang ni, I TTC and I'm really hoping for a miracle this year. I've tried so many products already, but no luck yet. Hrap2 lpas ni period teratur dan ada rezeki dapat anak pertama…



Alhamdulillah berkesan .. ni dah kotak ke 2, dulu beli dkt Shopee, skrg pkai website sbb ad grabpay.


Used for more than 3 months, lots of improvement in my health. I will continue until my TTC successful!

CT Fatin

First time beli, doctor yg rekomen. Hrap2 berkesan


Been using this for the past 6 months, quite suitable for my body. Got notice positive changes after 2 months.

Nur Shuhada

Alhamdulillah..lpas 5 kotak....5 weeks pregnancy… tq for creating this produk utk PCOS women

Siti Aminah

Dh 8 tahun x period, lpas try produk ni sbb byk feedback positive. After sekotak dy mai sikit2, tak banyak. After 2nd box my period got more regular. Hopefully get better after this. Price agak mahal for me tp if berkesan and nak success ttc, i am willing to sacrifice.

Cindy Teh

Tried one week, no side effects. Hope this can help me with my irregular period and get pregnant.

Hana Aisyah

Nmpk produk dkt byk klinik …. tp the klinik i went tu habis stock, so have to purchase dkt website…


First purchase for my ttc journey. Tgk byk review bagus dkt shopee, tp beli dkt website sbb ad grabpay hehe nk collect point

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